About Eva Nusshold

One develops from a person to a personality.

The biggest strength of Eva as a top networker is her ability to create interpersonal relationships. This applies to both business and private life. She has an amazing talent in communicating her knowledge and wealth of experience, as well as in conveying her enthusiasm to the audience.

If you want something that you never had before, then you must do what you have never done before - because growth only happens outside the comfort zone.


Graduated Commercial Collage - St. Johann/Austria
10 years international ski instructor (USA & Australia)
1979: Wedding
1983: Birth of their 1st daughter Nadine
1985: Eva started the AMWAY business
1992: Birth of their 2nd daughter Nina
1995: Double Diamonds in Austria & EDC Diamonds in Hungary 
2005: Crown Ambassadors

Eva's recommended reading:

  • Jim Dornan
  • John Maxwell
  • Gary Smalley

Eva's Hobbies: Decoration and furnishing of house and garden, hiking, cross country skiing, to read and write

For Eva, success is not defined by the amount of turnover one is able to generate, but in the quality of life one is able to live every day

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