About Hans Nusshold

It’s not about the obvious things, it’s about the personal, inner struggle toward excellence.

The declared strengths of Hans are his attitude of positive expectation and his ability to think in huge dimensions. He is an excellent listener and an unshakeable optimist. His passion for this business still forces him to rise above himself, even after three decades, and to do exceptional things, thus achieving exceptional results.

Today´s decisions are tomorrow’s lifestyle


Graduated as Sports Dipl. Instructor - Sports University Vienna/Austria
Austrian ski-racer / ski professional
1985: Hans Nusshold started the AMWAY business with his wife Eva
1995: Double Diamonds in Austria & EDC Diamonds in Hungary 
2005: Crown Ambassadors

Hans´ motto: “I don´t work in this business – I live it”

Hans´ recommended reading:

  • Jim Dornan
  • John Maxwell
  • Viktor Frankl

Hans´ Hobbies: Sport in general, skiing, cross-country skiing, biking, surfing, reading and travelling;

As a professional athlete who wanted to travel extensively and earn money on a flexible basis, it was a bit of a shock when he learned that his first child was on the way. But after putting the AMWAY marketing plan to a practical acid test, he saw how it could work if one were to apply discipline and commitment. He moved with his wife Eva back to Austria, and his business expectations were well exceeded.

Now, 30 years later, their organization of Amway business owners has spread across 25 countries, and has several 100th of top leaders. He made the right decision back then, not only for themselves, but for thousands of other families around the world.



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