Network TwentyOne International

An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends.

based on Benjamin Franklin

Mission Statement:

Network 21 is commited toward supporting its business partners worldwide by providing quality support materials, events and information.
The objective is to offer people the opportunity of personal development in order to create greater advantages for others through professionalism and integrity.

Hans & Eva Nusshold´s position within the world of Network TwentyOne:

In the mid-90ies, as AMWAY opened up one Central European market after another Eva and Hans Nusshold entered into a partnership with Jim and Nancy Dornan to launch European Network TwentyOne.
Both the Nussholds and the Dornans shared a vision of making success achievable to anyone and to support everyone in building a successful international business “without borders”.

Facts about Network TwentyOne („N21“):

  • Approved Business Plan to support Independent Business Owners
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, N21 operates in 36 countries, supported by 30 offices with more than 25 languages – connecting people transnationally
  • Supporting over 1,000,000 partners worldwide in building businesses with the N21 support and education concept
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